ENERGY STAR Certified Homes (Version 3/3.1, Revision 08)

To certify a home to ENERGY STAR, the builder’s home must meet the mandatory requirements listed in the five checklists below and achieve a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) score that is better than the HERS Target score for a Reference Design Home. Read More »

After construction, a Home Energy Rater will verify that the completed home has met the HERS Target score as well as the mandatory requirements of the five checklists:

  • HVAC Design Report –This checklist is completed by the HVAC Designer and provided to the Rater.
  • Rater Design Review Checklist - The Rater conducts the design review and fills out this checklist after running the home energy rating software to verify that the home design meets the HERS Target.
  • Water Management System Builder Requirements –This list does not need to be turned in, but the Builder must ensure that each certified home is constructed to meet these requirements.
  • Rater Field Checklist – The Rater completes this Checklist during two site visits – one prior to drywall installation and the other after construction is complete.
  • HVAC Commissioning Checklist – The HVAC installer fills out this checklist and retains it, along with a copy of the corresponding HVAC Design Report. One checklist is completed for each system installed. The HVAC installer must provide copies of the checklist to the Builder, the Rater responsible for certifying the home, and the HVAC oversight organization, upon request.

The checklists are provided below with links to installation or information guides for each measure.