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Existing Homes

Welcome to the Existing Homes tool. Here you will find installation guidance for making existing homes more energy efficient, comfortable, and less expensive to operate. The tool is designed around common upgrades. Steps are numbered to indicate priorities from a health and safety standpoint. If you are doing a comprehensive renovation you may be interested in all the listed steps. If you are doing a more limited project, such as insulating an attic, reroofing, or replacing a water heater, you may focus on just a few steps.

It is worth visiting the first section no matter what project you have in mind. Nine assessment guides are listed to help gauge whether a home is safe and sound for upgrades plus a guide to help consumers plan a series of upgrades over time. These guides may help ensure that projects (and bids and contracts) cover related upgrades and are completed in the correct sequence.

If you want to learn more about how the guides work, or about other features in the Solution Center that will help with existing homes, click here.