DOE Zero Energy Ready Home

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Zero Energy Ready Home is a program conducted by DOE to recognize homes that achieve exceptional levels of energy savings, comfort, health, and durability. The checklists below provide links to technical guides providing installation instructions for each measure included in the requirements.

For more on eligibility, prescriptive and performance path options, and modeling of a target home to qualify via the performance path, please see the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home National Program Requirements  (Rev. 07, for homes permitted on or after June 1, 2019). Visit the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home program website to learn more about training and marketing tools, to find a builder, or to become a partner. The Building America Solution Center is an ever expanding and improving technical resource for builders and installers. Visit often to see the latest guides, resources, and additional content.

VERSION 2 of the ZERH program is under development. The draft spec is now available for public comment, please visit the ZERH website to provide comments. Comments must be received by December 2, 2021.