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Home Improvement Expert™

Why Home Improvement Expert?

An easy way to get a quality job—Research findings reveal significantly reduced energy savings and potential performance risks where home improvements are not properly installed. To help homeowners address this challenge, the U.S. Department of Energy has compiled world-class expert guidance from industry leaders and national laboratories in factsheets and checklists under the name Home Improvement Expert. Homeowners can leverage these expert recommendations to help ensure quality installation by attaching Home Improvement Expert checklists to vendor contracts and ensuring the vendor completes and signs the checklist before accepting the work.

Ready To Do More?

This tool provides access to factsheets and checklists that cover one of more than 20 home improvements covered by the U.S. Department of Energy Home Improvement Expert. Use them to help optimize energy savings and improve performance related to comfort, health, safety, and durability. See all factsheets/checklists by clicking "View Checklists;" click "Partner Resources" to become a partner and download customized checklists; use the "Partner Map" to find partners around the country.

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