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This guides describes buried ducts in loose-fill attic insulation, a method that can only be used in dry climates.

This guide describes approaches to buryng and encapsulating ducts in unconditioned attics to increase the overall R-value of duct insulation.

Guide describing method for installing ducts in a duct chase above a dropped ceiling.

Guide that illustrates how and when to encapsulate ductwork in unconditioned attics, increases the R-value of duct insulation, mitigating condensation issues and reducing air leakage.

This guide provides criteria and installation guidance for ENERGY STAR windows.

This guide describes evaporative cooling technologies which can be used to cool homes in dry climates.

Guide describing how to provide combustion air for fireplaces and how to test fireplaces for combustion safety.

Guide describing sizing and installation of foundation heat exchangers, which can be connected to a heat pump system used for spacing conditioning as well as domestic water heating.

Guide describing the air sealing of rim joists on walls connecting homes and attached garages.

Guide describing gas-fired boilers and hot water heat distribution systems used for home heating.

Guide describing the need for covers on sump pumps in the basement or crawlspace of a home.

Guide providing information about geothermal heat pumps including an overview of technology and guidance on compliance and installation.

Guide describing the installation of gutters, downspouts, and alternate options for managing rainwater run-off from roof.

This guide provides information about heat pump water heaters.

Guide describing lighting choices and installation procedures in new and existing homes.

This guide describes the uses, selection process and specification of high MERV filters.

Guide describing the use of building cavities as supply or return ducts.

This guide describes RESNET Grade 1 level installation of insulation in walls, attics, and floors.

This measure guide describes basic steps for designing an integrated collector storage (ICS) or thermosyphon hot water system.

This measure guide describes the need to install a mounting surface for equipment related to a future solar photovoltaic installation.

Guide describing the split system heat pumps used for central forced air heating and cooling.


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