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A high-efficiency (95 AFUE) wall-hung gas-fired boiler heats water for the hydro-coil space heating system and also provides a back-up for the solar hot water system.
A natural gas 94% efficiency tankless hot water heater provides endless hot water.
All of the pipes are insulated on this high-efficiency 50-gallon heat pump water heater.
Combined water and space heater using combi boiler
Combined water and space heater using storage water heater
Combined water and space heater using tankless water heater
Hot water for the home’s radiant floor heating system comes from roof-mounted solar thermal panels and an air-to-water heat pump provide.
Hot water recirculation loop runs through an insulated pipe under the home’s concrete slab.
Integrated collector storage (ICS) on roof
Integrated collector storage (ICS) passive solar hot water system
Pipe insulation helps retain heat in the pipes which provide hot water from the air-to-water heat pump for domestic hot water and space heating.
Rooftop portion of thermosiphon solar hot water system
The geothermal heat pump provides hot water for radiant floor heating, domestic hot water, and the air handler for space conditioning upstairs.
The heat pump water heater provides efficient hot water.
The home’s ground source heat pump preheats water for the air source heat pump water heater.
The hot water recirculation pump is hidden behind the water heater in a closet.
The very high efficiency (4.7 COP) ground-source heat pump provides hot water to a tank for radiant floor heat and domestic hot water.
The wall hung boiler provides heat for the central air handler as hot water.
Thermosiphon solar hot water system.
Thermosyphon solar hot water heater (commercial application).
This 80-gallon heat pump water heater is ducted to pull heat from outside air drawn from the south side of the house and to exhaust cooled air outside on the north side of the house to efficiently heat water without impacting interior room temperatures.
This home’s domestic hot water is provided by three systems: solar water heating panels, a heat pump water heater, and an air-to-water heat pump, which also provides hot water to a fan coil.
This home’s ultra-efficient ground-source heat pump provides hot water for space heating as well as domestic hot water for the 50-gallon storage tank.
This utility room houses a high-efficiency gas boiler to provide hot water for the radiant floor heating system and faucets. It also has a central air source heat pump and an energy recovery ventilator.
Wall-mounted gas tankless water heater