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Air seal and insulate drawer and closet boxes in attic kneewalls
Air seal attic access panels and drop-down stairs to minimize air leakage.
Air seal the attic access panel with weather stripping
Air seal the attic access pull-down stairs opening with weather stripping
Air seal the attic kneewall door opening with weather stripping
Provide flashing and sealing integrated with the air and water control layers for vents and other roof penetrations
Right –  Attic access hatch has been properly insulated by attaching a fiberglass batt, gasketed, and opening has blocking
Right – Attic access door has foam and rubber weather stripping installed that remains in contact when closed
Right – Blocking has been installed around the perimeter of this attic access to prevent insulation falling into the house
Wrong – Attic access panel does not have an insulation cover installed
Wrong – Drop down stairs do not have insulation cover installed
Wrong – No blocking installed to prevent attic insulation from falling into stairs and opening
Wrong – There is no weather stripping or gasket around the attic stair hatch