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Wrong – Top plate to drywall connection not sealed
Wrong – Top plate to drywall connection not sealed
Wrong – Vent sleeve not completely sealed
Wrong – Wall from above without top plate or blocking installed
Wrong – When insulated sheathing is installed correctly, you should not see daylight. Nail holes were also left unplugged
Wrong – Whole house fan installed with holes in surrounding platform that need to be air sealed
Wrong – Whole house fan installed without an insulated cover
Wrong – Wind baffle installation will not allow insulation over the top plate
Wrong – Window does not meet ENERGY STAR requirements
Wrong – Window has additional non-structural king stud
Wrong- A tie strap should not be used over the duct outer liner because it can compress the insulation. Tuck in the fibrous insulation and seal the outer liner to the connecting duct with mastic or foil tape (Steven Winter Associates 2013).
Wrong--No insulation installed behind fireplace
Wrong: Blown insulation does not stick to raised duct chases
Wrong – Insulation not fully enclosing duct chase