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Sales Tool - Whole-House Health Protection System

Whole-house health protection systems provide a comprehensive set of measures for controlling the most significant contaminant risks in homes. What this means to you is your family can breathe better every day knowing your home was designed and built to help manage indoor air quality.  Explore the terms below to learn more about the sales themes associated with healthy homes. 

  • Radon Resistant Home
  • Pest Resistant Home
  • Certified Formaldehyde-Free Board Products
  • Certified Low/No VOC Finishes
  • Certified Low/No VOC Carpets
  • Combustion Exhaust Controlled Home
    • Combustion Exhaust Controlled Water Heater
    • Combustion Exhaust Controlled Furnace
    • Combustion Exhaust Controlled Boiler
    • Ventilated Fireplace
    • Air Sealed Attached Garage