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Termite Shield

Building Science-to-Sales Translator

Termite Shield = Termite Detection System

Technical Description

In termite-prone areas, rigid foam insulation should not be used on the exterior of the foundations below grade because they can provide a pathway for infestation. Termite detection systems  discourage termites and allow for inspection. This includes adherence to local codes that require at least a six-inch gap between rigid foam exterior wall insulation and the ground, and at least a four-inch gap between the top of the rigid foam insulation or other wall systems and the top of the foundation wall. This strip of bare wall can be painted white to make inspections easier. Lastly, flashing is provided at the sill plate to help block and expose termite migration.

Termite Detection System
Sales Message

Termite detection systems help identify the presence of a very damaging pest. What this means to you is your family can breathe better every day knowing your home has an effective warning system for the presence of termites and is built to help manage a critical biological contaminant. Wouldn’t you agree protecting health and your investment is too important to ignore in all homes?