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Balanced Ventilation =
Fresh Air Balanced System

Alternate Terms

Fresh Air Balanced Technology
Technical Description: 

Fresh air balanced systems supply and filter outdoor air while exhausting an equal amount of indoor air. This type of system maintains a neutral balance in air pressure that minimizes moisture risks and optimizes mixing. These systems are often equipped with heat and moisture exchangers that optimize efficiency and comfort. This is achieved by exchanging heat and moisture between the incoming and outgoing air streams. This captures heat before it leaves the home in winter, heat before it enters the home in summer, moisture before it enters the home in summer, and moisture before it leaves the home in winter.

Fresh Air Balanced System
Sales Message
Fresh air balanced systems help ensure adequate dilution of any indoor contaminants while optimizing comfort and efficiency. What this means for you is your home is supplied with fresh air every day that can help your family breathe better. Wouldn’t you agree protecting your health is too important to ignore in new homes?