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Bathroom Exhaust Fan

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Bathroom Exhaust Fan = Bathroom Odor and Moisture Control Fan

Technical Description

Baths and showers release loads of water vapor into the air - a half pint of water for every 5 minutes the shower is running. With no exhaust fan, this moisture can lead to mold and mildew on tile, walls, and ceilings. A bathroom odor and moisture control fan effectively and efficiently exhausts air outside the home. ENERGY STAR-rated exhaust fans meet performance criteria for energy efficiency and sound levels.

Bathroom Odor and Moisture Control Fan
Sales Message

Bathroom odor and moisture control fans help ensure adequate exhaust with very efficient and quiet motors. What this means to you is humidity and odors are efficiently removed right at their source with barely audible noise. Wouldn’t you agree this kind of attention to performance is important in new homes?