Garage Ventilation Fan

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Garage Ventilation Fan = Garage Exhaust Fan

Technical Description

Many home designs today include an attached garage. While it’s convenient to have the garage attached to the home, many items stored in garages give off fumes that aren’t healthy for humans to breathe – fertilizers, pesticides, car exhaust, etc. Garage exhaust fans help ensure those fumes don’t make their way into the home by efficiently exhausting air outside. Energy-efficient ENERGY STAR-rated exhaust fans can be set to run continuously or can be controlled to operate for a set amount of time whenever the garage door is opened.

Garage Exhaust Fan
Sales Message

Garage exhaust fans continually remove fumes from residual car exhaust and other stored chemicals. What this means to you is dangerous contaminants are effectively eliminated right at their source. Wouldn’t you agree protecting health is too important to ignore in new homes?