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Homes modeled for HERS Index modeled with ENERGY STAR appliances

Exhibit 2 DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Target Home.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home program allows builders to choose a prescriptive or performance path. The DOE Zero Energy Ready Home prescriptive path requires builders to meet or exceed the minimum HVAC efficiencies listed in Exhibit 2 of the National Program Requirements (Rev 07). The DOE Zero Energy Ready Home performance path allows builders to select a custom combination of measures for each home that is equivalent in performance to the minimum HERS index of a modeled target home that meets the requirements of Exhibit 2 as well as the mandatory requirements of Zero Energy Ready Home Exhibit 1.

For purposes of calculating the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Target Home HERS Index, homes shall be modeled with an ENERGY STAR dishwasher, ENERGY STAR refrigerator, ENERGY STAR ceiling fans, and ENERGY STAR lamps (bulbs) in 80% of sockets or 80% of lighting fixtures are ENERGY STAR Qualified.

The following Solution Center guides provide more information about appliances and lighting: