Obvious Ventilation Controls

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Function of ventilation controls is obvious (e.g., bathroom exhaust fan) or, if not, controls have been labeled

Whole House Ventilation

Function of ventilation controls is obvious (e.g., bathroom exhaust fan) or, if not, controls have been labeled.

  1. Install controls that are differentiated or labeled by the manufacturer.
  2. If function of ventilation controls is not obvious, install permanent labels to indicate the function of the control.



Ventilation controls can sometimes look like ordinary light switches. Exhaust fan and other ventilation controls should be permanently labeled as such, unless their function is obvious or they are labeled by the manufacturer.

For more on exhaust fans controls, see Continuously Operating Ventilation and Exhaust Fans.

How to Label Ventilation Controls

  1. Clearly label the ventilation controls (exhaust fan switch) or install controllers that are clearly labeled by the manufacturer.

Ventilation control clearly labeled by installer

Figure 1 - The ventilation control is clearly labeled by the installer.  Reference

Figure 2. The ventilation control is clearly indicated by the manufacturer

Figure 2 - The ventilation control is clearly indicated by the manufacturer.  Reference

Ensuring Success

The HERS rater should inspect to ensure that ventilation controls are clearly labeled, unless their function is obvious (for example, a bathroom exhaust fan).


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ENERGY STAR Certified Homes

[Note: Guidance for ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Version 3.0, Revision 08 is coming soon.]
ENERGY STAR Certified Homes (Version 3.0, Revision 07), HVAC System Quality Checklist, Controls. Function of ventilation controls is obvious (e.g., bathroom exhaust fan) or, if not, controls have been labeled.

DOE Zero Energy Ready Home

Exhibit 1: Mandatory Requirements. Certified under ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes Version 3.

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