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Residential Program Solution Center

In recent years, hundreds of communities have been working to promote energy efficiency upgrades in homes and other buildings, through programs such as the Better Buildings Neighborhood Program, Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, utility-sponsored programs, and others. The Better Buildings Residential Program Solution Center is a repository for key lessons, resources, and knowledge collected from the experience of these efforts. It is intended to help program administrators and their partners plan, operate, and evaluate residential energy efficiency programs.

Program Information
Funding Organization: 
Department of Energy
Program Area: 
Residential Buildings Integration
Better Buildings Residential
Project Manager: 
Dale Hoffmeyer
Agreement Type: 
Lab Award
Funded Performer: 
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Agreement Total: 
Match Total: 
Project Details
Ongoing Initiative or Research Project: 
Ongoing Initiative
Grid, Whole Building, or Technology: 
Whole Building
Building Type: 
Single Family
New or Existing: 
DR Focus?: 
Code/Standard Focus?: