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North Carolina Residential Energy Code Field Study

Appalachian State University will investigate whether investing in statewide building energy code education, training, and outreach programs can produce a significant change in residential building code compliance rates. The results of these activities provide the necessary business case to influence non-government entities, particularly utilities, to make investments in similar programs, which could lead to substantial national energy savings.

Program Information
Funding Organization: 
Department of Energy
Program Area: 
Building Energy Codes
Project Manager: 
Jeremy Williams
Agreement Type: 
Funding Opportunity
Funded Performer: 
Appalachian State University
Partners (not funded): 
North Carolina Energy Efficiency Alliance
Agreement Total: 
Match Total: 
Project Start Date: 
December 31, 2013
Project End Date: 
December 30, 2017
Project Details
Ongoing Initiative or Research Project: 
Research Project
Grid, Whole Building, or Technology: 
Whole Building
Technology Type: 
Building Type: 
Single Family, Multifamily
New or Existing: 
New, Existing
DR Focus?: 
Code/Standard Focus?: 
North Carolina