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The Humidity Sponge: Mimicking the Termite Mound's Fungal Comb to Manage Building Humidity with a Low-Energy Passive Solution

This project involved researching the feasibility of commercial "humidity sponges", which could help even out daily and multi-day fluctuations of relative humidity in building spaces. This proof of concept study investigated the wicking and water vapor transfer properties of several materials, in addition to the topology and material properties of the structures termites use to manage humidity in their colonies. The project completed with a market analysis, in order to better understand the marketplace for passive or transient building controls in the energy-efficient dehumidification market space.

Program Information
Funding Organization: 
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
Program Area: 
R&D - Buildings Research
Project Manager: 
Michael Genovese
Funded Performer: 
Terrapin Bright Green, LLC
Agreement Total: 
Match Total: 
Project Details
Ongoing Initiative or Research Project: 
Research Project
Grid, Whole Building, or Technology: 
Technology Type: 
Building Type: 
New or Existing: 
New, Existing
DR Focus?: 
Code/Standard Focus?: 
New York
New York