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Enhanced Residential Efficiency Analysis Tools for the Pacific Northwest

Provide enhanced residential efficiency analysis tools tailored for the Pacific Northwest.
1. A residential building energy analysis tool based on BEopt/EnergyPlus, used to identify cost-optimal efficiency packages
2. A regional residential efficiency analysis tool driven by BEopt/EnergyPlus simulations/optimizations and calibrated to Residential Building Stock Assessment (RBSA) data, used to assess residential building energy conservation potential
The project has been completed and additional Technology Transfer activities are being explored to promote the use of these tools throughout the Pacific NW.

Program Information
Funding Organization: 
Bonneville Power Administration
Program Area: 
Project Manager: 
Robert Weber
Agreement Total: 
Match Total: 
Project End Date: 
September 30, 2016
Project Details
Ongoing Initiative or Research Project: 
Research Project
Grid, Whole Building, or Technology: 
Whole Building
Technology Type: 
DR Focus?: 
Code/Standard Focus?: