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Design, purchase, installation, and commissioning of an automated manufacturing system that will process raw steel into prepared components for the fabrication of high-efficiency, low-emissions, biomass-fired boilers.

Advanced Climate Technologies (ACT) is a manufacturer of fully automatic, high-efficiency, low-emission biomass-fired boilers, interested in expanding their manufacturing facility in Niskayuna, NY to include an automated manufacturing system. This project involves the design, purchase, installation, and commissioning of the automated manufacturing system. The automated manufacturing system will allow ACT to process raw steel into prepared components. This will include a state-of-the art multi-tiered automated process that will allow for the cutting, drilling, and nesting of ASME steel plate used for the vessel and component parts of the boiler. By increasing their manufacturing capabilities, the ACT will bring processes in-house that have thus far been subcontracted. This project will eliminate certain inefficiencies in the manufacturing value chain and reduce total manufacturing time for product improvement, cost, and waste. The cost savings will be passed to consumers, directly benefiting the biomass heating market and customers in NY.
Funded Performer
Advanced Climate Technologies, LLC
Agreement Total
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Program Information
Funding Organization
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
Program Area
R&D - Buildings Research
Project Manager
Michael Genovese
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Research Project
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HVAC - Heating
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Single Family,
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Cold/Very Cold
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Zone 4
New York