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This library contains research reports produced by the Building America program and other building science resources used to support this Solution Center. The materials cover both new construction and existing homes. Use the search box and/or the filters to explore hundreds of residential building resources. Access to some references not produced by Building America may require purchase from the publisher. Documents are listed alphabetically. While we continually update our database, links may have changed since posting. Please contact our webmaster if you find broken links.

Author(s): Springer, Seitzler, Backman, Weitzel
Organization(s): ARBI, Davis Energy Group

Report on energy use for domestic water heating in multifamily buildings.

Author(s): U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Organization(s): EPA
Publication Date: May, 2011

Specifications to assist builders in designing and constructing homes equipped with a set of features that make the installation of solar energy systems after the completion of the home’s construction easier and less expensive.

Author(s): Department of Energy
Organization(s): DOE
Publication Date: May, 2012

Website describing how solar water heaters -- also called solar domestic hot water systems -- can be a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home.

Author(s): Sughrue
Organization(s): Home Power
Publication Date: September, 2013
A structural insulated panel (SIP) roof has no embedded lumber in the structure, and therefore nothing substantial for attaching PV array and solar hot water mounts. Single or double lumber splines could be put into the panels, or I-joists at 4-foot intervals could be added.
Author(s): FSEC
Organization(s): FSEC
Publication Date: July, 2014
Website with information for consumers about solar thermal systems for homes.
Author(s): Burch, Huggins, Long, Thornton
Organization(s): National Renewable Energy Laboratory, SRCC, TESS
Publication Date: June, 2013

Document discussing changes in testing the annual performance ratings for solar water heaters.

Author(s): North Carolina Solar Center
Organization(s): North Carolina Solar Center
Publication Date: September, 2014
Brochure with information on residential solar hot water systems.
Author(s): Burch, Shoukas, Brandemuhl, Krarti
Organization(s): National Renewable Energy Laboratory, University of Colorado
Publication Date: October, 2014

This paper discusses model validation using data from three thermosiphon systems. 

Author(s): Baechler, Gilbride, Ruiz, Steward, Love
Organization(s): Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Publication Date: June, 2007

Best Practices document providing an introduction to current photovoltaic and solar thermal building practices.

Author(s): National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Organization(s): NREL
Publication Date: December, 2003

Provides consumers with general information on solar water heating systems and how to select a contractor.

Author(s): Aldrich
Organization(s): CARB, Steven Winter Associates, SWA
Publication Date: March, 2013

Brochure on specifications for solar thermal systems.

Author(s): ZERH
Organization(s): DOE
Publication Date: May, 2019

Checklist describing solar water heating recommendations per the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home program. 

Author(s): Aldrich, Vijayakumar
Organization(s): CARB, Steven Winter Associates, SWA
Publication Date: May, 2006

Report describing the monitored long-term performance of two solar domestic water heating systems in northern climates.

Author(s): Department of Energy
Organization(s): DOE
Publication Date: June, 2012

Website with consumer and contractor information about building codes and regulations for solar water heating systems.