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Indoor airPLUS Information Provided for Buyer


The DOE Zero Energy Ready Home (Revision 07) program requires that builders are certified under EPA Indoor airPLUS (Exhibit 1, Item 6). 

EPA Indoor airPLUS (Revision 04)

7.3 Owner and Resident Information Kit.

  • Provide resident(s), property manager, and/or building owner with information and documentation of the home’s IAQ protections, including:
    • An Indoor airPLUS label and certificate.
    • Operations and maintenance instruction manuals for all installed equipment and systems addressed by Indoor airPLUS and ENERGY STAR requirements, including HVAC systems and accessories, dehumidifiers, combustion appliances and any radon system. 

Advisory: Provide the homebuyer with information that addresses the importance of ensuring that manually controlled ventilation options (e.g., bathroom, garage (if applicable), kitchen exhaust fans; operable windows, and doors, etc.) are used when strong pollutant sources are present, such as when using common household products (e.g., cleaning products, pesticides) and when using the garage for hobbies or other pollutant generating activities.

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References and Resources*
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Website providing the technical specifications and related documents for home builders, subcontractors, architects, and other housing professionals interested in certifying a home to the EPA's Indoor airPLUS program requirements.
U.S. Department of Energy
Publication Date
Website listing implementation timelines and links to various versions of the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home national program requirements.
*For non-dated media, such as websites, the date listed is the date accessed.
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