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Indoor airPLUS Information Provided for Buyer

Zero Energy Ready Home (Rev. 03) Exhibit 1, Item 6  “Indoor Air Quality” requires that builders meet the EPA Indoor airPLUS Verification Checklist and Construction Specifications.

The Indoor airPLUS Verification Checklist (Version 1 Rev. 02) states:

7.3 Completed checklist and other required documentation provided for buyer.

Provide buyers with information and documentation of the home’s IAQ protections, including:

  • A copy of the Indoor airPLUS Verification Checklist or other written documentation indicating compliance with all required measures from the Indoor airPLUS Construction Specifications, signed by an official representative of the builder
  • HVAC, duct and ventilation system design documentation (i.e., airflow requirements) or performance test results (i.e., measured cfm) required by Specifications 4.1 [HVAC Sizing and Design], 4.2 [Duct System Design and Installation] and 4.5 [Mechanical Whole-House Ventilation], respectively, and a description of the ventilation system (i.e., system type, components and controls)
  • Operations and maintenance instruction manuals for all installed equipment and systems addressed by Indoor airPLUS and ENERGY STAR requirements including HVAC systems and accessories, combustion appliances and any radon system

Advisory:  Provide the homebuyer with information that addresses the importance of ensuring that manually controlled ventilation options (e.g., bathroom, garage (if applicable), kitchen exhaust fans; operable windows, and doors, etc.) are used when strong pollutant sources are present, such as when using common household products (e.g., cleaning products, pesticides) and when using the garage for hobbies or other pollutant generating activities.

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  1. Author(s): U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    Organization(s): EPA
    Publication Date: October, 2015

    Document outlining specifications that were developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to recognize new homes equipped with a comprehensive set of indoor air quality (IAQ) features.

Last Updated: Friday, August 1, 2014