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Criteria for Submitting Content to the Building America Solution Center

We welcome your contributions to the Building America Solution Center. We are seeking photographs, drawings, CAD files, training videos, and peer-reviewed publications and presentations, including articles, conference papers/presentations, and reports that support energy-efficient residential construction and retrofit best practices.  Below is some guidance on submissions.

Submission Guidelines for Members of the Building Community

For those who are not directly affiliated with the Building America program, please provide your content files using the attached submission form.  Photographs that show good and bad examples of energy-efficient measures and installation practices  and videos showing energy efficient construction and retrofit best practices are especially encouraged.

Content Ownership. Please note that you as the submitter must “own” the copyright to the photo, image, CAD drawing, video, or written report that you are providing to us. You must be willing to give the U.S. Department of Energy and PNNL permission to use the content and to make it available for unlimited download and use by all users of the Building America Solution Center. A copyright permission form must be filled out and provided with all submissions to be considered for posting in the Building America Solution Center.

For Images:

  • Fill out the attached copyright permission form and list each file submitted.
  • Where photographs show good and bad examples, indicate this on the form.  
  • Remove or blur brand names and logos whenever possible. Drawings and CAD files should not contain a company logo or brand name.
  • Submit photos and drawings in their native format, and in JPEG format.
  • CAD drawing submissions must include DWG, jpg, and PDF files.
  • For unpublished images, document the person or company responsible for the specific image.
  • For previously published images, provide a full reference citation.

For Documents:

  • Fill out the attached submission form and list all files submitted.
  • Ensure all best practice recommendations meet and exceed the construction requirements detailed in the 2012 IECC and 2012 IRC. 
  • Know preference is given to reports or articles that have been published in a peer-reviewed journal or conference proceedings, or that have otherwise gone through a recognized peer-review process. 
  • Fully cite all submitted documents, including the full title, author, author affiliation, publisher, date published, proceedings title or journal name, volume, issue number, and URL.

Building America Teams, National Laboratories, and Partnering Programs

Please follow the guidance in Providing Content for the Building America Solution Center or contact Pacific Northwest National Laboratory directly.