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Water Neutral Home (reclaims as much as it uses for irrigation) =
Zero-Water Irrigation

Alternate Terms

Zero-Water Irrigation Technology
Technical Description: 

Households can meet or reduce their irrigation needs by reclaiming grey water, stockpiling and using rain water, and designing their landscape to feature draught-resistant fauna. Imagine a yard irrigation system that doesn’t add one penny to your household water bill. Residential water recycling technologies range from simple rain barrels and cisterns that collect rainwater to greywater recycling systems that collect and filter drain water from showers and faucets, and then redirect this water to outside irrigation systems.

Zero-Water Irrigation
Sales Message
Zero-water irrigation reclaims grey water from homes and collects rainwater to meet all of the home’s irrigation water needs. What this means for you is the great feeling that comes from not wasting thousands of gallons of water needlessly each year while saving money on your monthly water bills. Wouldn’t you agree water is too important to waste?