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Water Managed Foundation =
Foundation Water Barrier System

Alternate Terms

Dry-by-Design Foundation
Professionally-Installed Foundation Water Barrier
Technical Description: 

Ground water and rainwater can cause a lot of damage to a home. Building materials that are allowed to remain damp or saturated for long periods of time will eventually fail. Builders can take several steps to protect the home’s foundation. For example they can properly grade the site so water drains away from the home on all sides, install footing drains at the footing of the foundation walls that drain to daylight or to a French drain away from the home, build the foundation on a bed of aggregate rock, use a vapor barrier under slabs and on crawlspace floors, and damp-proof the exterior of foundation walls.

Foundation Water Barrier System
Sales Message
Foundation wall water barriers block water intrusion so it can drain away from below-grade walls. What this means for you is peace of mind knowing your home has critical systems in place to help minimize the risk of water damage in your basement. Wouldn’t you agree that every home should have full water protection?