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Building Science-to-Sales Translator

Water Managed Building Materials =
Interior Moisture Control Materials

Alternate Terms

Dry-by-Design Materials
Interior Moisture Control Technology
Professionally-Installed Interior Water Protection
Technical Description: 

Wood, paper-faced drywall, and other building materials are susceptible to water damage. Water resistant materials should be used in areas where materials are commonly exposed to water, such as in bathrooms, near sinks, and even in entry areas.  Tile and stone are water resistant when installed with cement-based underlayment and moisture barriers.  Carpet should not be used in damp areas. Fiberglass-based wall board is an option in potentially damp areas, such as basements.  

Interior Moisture Control Materials
Sales Message
Interior moisture control materials are appropriately selected for better protection at locations exposed to water. What this means to you is peace-of-mind knowing your home has a comprehensive set of measures that minimize the risk of water damage in your home. Wouldn’t you agree every home should have full water protection?