Two-Speed HVAC System

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Two-Speed HVAC System = Dual-Speed Comfort Flow Technology

Technical Description

Traditional heating and cooling equipment is either on or off. Not only does it require significant energy to turn on, it can only function at full capacity, even when warming up the house by just a few degrees. A more efficient option for heating is a dual-speed or two-stage heating and cooling system that has two levels of output - high for colder or hotter periods and low for milder periods. Since the low setting is adequate most of the time, the two-stage unit can operate on low for longer periods to provide more even heat distribution at greater efficiency.

Dual-Speed Comfort Flow Technology
Sales Message

Dual-Speed comfort flow technology provides the capability to deliver heating and cooling matched to constantly varying needs. What this means to you is less cost along with enhanced comfort. Wouldn’t you agree it’s important to take advantage of proven advanced technologies in new homes?