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Building Science-to-Sales Translator

Tight Duct Sealing =
Professionally-Sealed Comfort Delivery System

Alternate Terms

Optimum-Flow Comfort Delivery Duct Sealing
Contaminant Sealed Comfort Delivery System
Energy Saving Comfort Delivery Duct Sealing
Professionally-Sealed Comfort Delivery Ducts
Moisture Control Duct Sealing
Technical Description: 

Leaky ducts can dump conditioned air into attics and crawlspaces, or pull in air from these same types of spaces. Both outcomes wastes energy and reduce the amount of heated or cooled air that reaches its destination, and can cause other problems with odors and contaminants. Professionally sealed comfort delivery systems are well sealed at all seams and connections with approved sealing tape or mastic, a type of paint-on adhesive, before they are insulated. Thus sealing helps air get where it is needed, at the correct temperature, without contaminants from crawlspaces and attics.

Professionally-Sealed Comfort Delivery System
Sales Message
Professionally-sealed comfort delivery systems help ensure that heating and cooling can flow optimally to each room. This means less wasted energy along with enhanced room-by-room comfort. Wouldn’t you agree it’s important that your comfort delivery system is installed to deliver optimum performance?