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Tight Air Sealed Home =
Comprehensive Draft Protection

Alternate Terms

Air Contaminant Sealing
Comprehensive Energy Seal
Advanced Home Sealing Technology
Moisture Sealed Construction
Technical Description: 

Poorly air-sealed homes are less comfortable and cost more to maintain because they introduce drafts, cold spots, moisture, and insects into the home. Builders can provide a home with comprehensive draft protection by installing a continuous air barrier around the whole house and by taking extra care to caulk and seal in all those places where holes and cracks may be lurking - around wiring, plumbing, ducts, and flues; where wall framing meets flooring; around windows; where drywall meets top plates and sill plates; where rim joists meet foundation walls and subfloors; etc. Some builders use spray foam insulation in the walls, rim joists, and/or attic to insulate and air seal at the same time.

Comprehensive Draft Protection
Sales Message
Comprehensive draft protection blocks air flow that can undermine the thermal protection with a complete high-performance insulation system. What this means to you is less wasted energy along with enhanced comfort, health, quiet, and durability. Wouldn’t you agree it would be a shame to only get a partial return on your investment in advanced insulation?