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Thermal Mass =
Natural Comfort Balancing System

Alternate Terms

Energy-Saving Natural Comfort Balancing
Technical Description: 

A natural comfort-balancing system uses thermal mass materials to store excess heat during the day and dissipate it naturally at night when there is no sunlight. This is especially important in natural comfort homes with optimized solar orientation.  Materials with high thermal storage characteristics include concrete, stone, adobe, brick, and contained water. Thermal mass floors and walls work especially well in climates with significant diurnal swings in day and nighttime temperatures.

Natural Comfort Balancing System
Sales Message
Natural comfort balancing systems integrate materials in the architectural design that can store excess solar heat during the day and dissipate it naturally at night. What this means for you is a home with free heating and cooling, and year-round radiant comfort. Wouldn’t you agree it’s smart to optimize the ability to use naturally available heating and cooling?