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Solar Shaded Windows (Overhangs)

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Solar Shaded Windows (Overhangs) = Solar Window Shading

Technical Description

Properly sized overhangs let the low winter sun in when it is beneficial, but block the high summer sun that can cause overheating and fade furnishings. Solar window shading techniques include roof overhangs, covered porches, and even fixed exterior shades to optimize when the sun shines through windows. The angle and timing of sun exposure changes with latitude and should be calculated for specific locations.

Solar Window Shading
Sales Message

Solar window shading integrates architectural design with seasonal sun-path variations and prevailing breezes to block undesired sunlight during summer and allow desired solar heat during winter. What this means to you is a home with free heating and cooling, no glare, and maximum views. Wouldn’t you agree it’s smart to take advantage of naturally available heating and cooling?