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Solar Electric Ready Home =
Solar Electric Ready Home

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Technical Description: 

As solar photovoltaic (PV) panels have significantly come down in price, many homeowners are installing them to produce clean power and reduce their electric bills. Many more homeowners are likely to want this option for the future. Solar electric-ready homes make this possible with minimal to no disruption or cost penalty using simple no-cost/low-cost details and best practices integrated during construction. This includes ensuring adequate unshaded roof space for the PV panels, installing conduit from the attic to the electric service panel, securing documentation that the roof is designed to support the extra weight of the PV array, and providing adequate space near the electrical panel for balance of system components.

Solar Electric Ready Home
Sales Message
Solar electric-ready homes include additional design features and details that enable solar electric systems to be added in the future with minimal or no disruption or cost penalty. What this means for you is that your home is ready to offset all or most of its annual energy consumption with a solar electric system. Wouldn’t you agree it feels great to have the power to eliminate most or all of your utility bill?