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Solar DHW Ready Home =
Solar Hot Water Ready Home

Alternate Terms

Technical Description: 

Solar hot water systems use energy from the sun to heat water for use in the home. The easiest time to prepare a home for the installation of these systems is during design and construction. At that time, plumbing lines or chases and electrical wiring can be installed, the roof can be constructed to handle the extra weight of the solar thermal panels, the home can be designed to ensure it has adequate roof space that is not shaded, and space can be provided in the utility room for the tank, any needed pumps, and controls.  

Solar Hot Water Ready Home
Sales Message
Solar hot water ready homes include additional design features and details that enable solar hot water systems to be added in the future with minimal or no cost penalty. What this means to you is that your home is ready to offset most of its annual water heating bill with a solar system. Wouldn’t you agree it feels great to have the power to eliminate most of your hot water energy bill whenever you want?