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Building Science-to-Sales Translator

Reduced Wall Framing =
High-Efficiency Wall Framing

Alternate Terms

Comfort Wall Framing
Quiet Wall Framing
Energy Saving Wall Framing
Advanced Wall Framing
Technical Description: 

Traditional wall framing uses more lumber than is necessary and limits a builder’s ability to insulate walls. Wood and other framing materials are not good insulators. Heat can move through them from one side of the wall to the other. High-efficiency advanced framing uses techniques like thicker studs spaced further apart, two studs rather than three or more studs in corners, aligning windows and doors on a two-foot grid, and other steps to reduce the amount of lumber in the walls, while allowing more room for insulation. 

High-Efficiency Wall Framing
Sales Message
High-efficiency wall framing reduces the heat loss and gain though structural framing. What this means to you is less wasted energy along with enhanced comfort and quiet. Knowing there is one opportunity during construction to lock in quality construction, wouldn’t you agree advanced thermal protection is a great investment?