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Proper Solar Orientation

Building Science-to-Sales Translator

Proper Solar Orientation = Natural Comfort Orientation

Technical Description

The sun can warm homes, provide daylight, heat water, and even produce electricity. How homes are designed and situated on the lot can have a big impact on how much of the sun’s free energy can be harvested. Natural comfort orientation takes into consideration a home’s shape, the climate, exposure to the sun, and shading that can block the sun’s energy. A home oriented north-south will optimize exposure to solar energy while minimizing overheating from the low-angled east-west sun. This requires proper placement of windows and overhangs to help  control solar exposure during hot times of the year and the day. Careful placement of plants and trees puts shading where it does the most good.

Natural Comfort Orientation
Sales Message

Natural comfort orientation integrates architectural design with seasonal sun-path variations. What this means to you is a home with no glare, optimized daylight, maximum views from windows, free heating and cooling, and radiant comfort. Wouldn’t agree it’s smart to live in a better home at no extra cost?