Proper Sizing HVAC System

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Proper Sizing HVAC System = Right-Sized Comfort System

Technical Description

“Rules of thumb” are too often used to size comfort systems, which results in excessively oversized systems. . This leads to increased cost, wasted energy, and too-frequent  on and off cycling, which can lead to comfort and efficiency issues. A trained contractor or qualified designer will determine a home’s specific heating and cooling loads to establish the right size equipment. This is achieved with sizing calculations based on recognized industry standards such as those developed by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America.

Right-Sized Comfort System
Sales Message

Right-sized comfort systems ensure the equipment and delivery system is matched to your home’s needs. This means you less wasted energy, enhanced room-by-room comfort, and less maintenance. Wouldn’t you agree it’s important that your comfort system is installed to deliver optimum performance?