Proper Duct Installation

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Proper Duct Installation = Professionally-Installed Comfort Delivery Ducts

Technical Description

Conditioned air is often lost in transition from comfort equipment to living spaces because of poorly designed duct layouts and poor installation practices, which cause homeowners to pay for conditioned air that never reaches the living spaces of their home. Poor duct layouts with overly long duct runs, numerous branches, and sharp bends, and poor installation with sagging, twisted, or crushed ducts, can severely limit air flow, reducing system performance and increasing energy costs. Professionally installed comfort delivery systems should be installed with compact duct layouts featuring short, straight duct runs with properly supported ducts, in accordance with industry standards. The ducts should be properly insulated, completely air sealed, and free from kinks and sharp bends that restrict air flow.

Professionally-Installed Comfort Delivery Ducts
Sales Message

Professionally-installed comfort delivery ducts help ensure that heating and cooling can flow optimally to each room. This means less wasted energy along with enhanced room-by-room comfort. Wouldn’t you agree it’s important that your comfort delivery system is installed to deliver optimum performance?