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Kick-Out Flashing, Step Flashing =
Roof-Wall Water Deflector

Alternate Terms

Dry-by-Design Roof-Wall Intersection
Roof-Wall Intersection Water Protection Technology
Professionally Installed Roof/Wall Water Deflector
Technical Description: 

Where roofs intersect walls is a critical point for flashing to prevent water leaks and damage. While wood siding may show evidence of this water intrusion with peeling paint or staining, some wall claddings like fiber cement, vinyl siding, and brick veneer can mask the evidence for years. Flashing and diverters must be correctly integrated with house wrap, cladding, and gutters to avoid water damage.  

Roof-Wall Water Deflector
Sales Message
Roof-wall water deflectors help drain water away from high-risk corners where walls meet roofs. What this means to you is peace-of-mind knowing your home has a comprehensive set of measures that minimize the risk of water damage in your home. Wouldn’t you agree every home should have full water protection?