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High-R Insulation =
High-Efficiency or Ultra-Efficient Insulation

Alternate Terms

Enhanced Comfort Insulation
Enhanced Quiet Insulation
Advanced Insulation Technology
Technical Description: 

There are two levels of insulation: high-efficiency insulation, which meets the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code, and ultra-efficient insulation, which is 25% more efficient than this national code. Using high-efficiency and ultra-efficient insulation along with professional installation (e.g., no gaps, voids, compression, or misalignment with air barriers; complete air barriers; and minimal thermal bridging) creates conditioned spaces that require very little heating and cooling, along with, even comfort and quiet throughout the house.

High-Efficiency or Ultra-Efficient Insulation
Sales Message
High-efficiency insulation helps provide added thermal protection. What this means for you is less wasted energy along with enhanced comfort and quiet. Knowing there is only one opportunity during construction to lock in your home’s thermal protection, wouldn’t you agree high-efficiency insulation that meets or exceeds future codes is a great investment?