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High-R Attic Insulation =
High-Efficiency or Ultra-Efficient Attic Insulation

Alternate Terms

Enhanced Comfort Attic Insulation
Enhanced Quiet Ceiling Insulation
Advanced Attic Insulation
Technical Description: 

Because most heat loss in a home is through the attic, increasing attic insulation is one of the most cost-effective steps home builders can take to improve home energy efficiency. High-efficiency insulation meets or exceeds the insulation levels required by the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), which is ~15% more efficient than 2009 IECC. Ultra-efficient insulation levels exceed the minimum 2009 IECC levels by 50% or more. High-efficiency and ultra-efficient attic insulation systems include vented attics that are insulated over the ceiling deck with increased amounts of blown fiberglass or blown cellulose, unvented attics that are insulated on the underside of the roof deck with blown spray foam, and vented or unvented attics that are insulated above the roof deck with rigid foam.

High-Efficiency or Ultra-Efficient Attic Insulation
Sales Message
High-efficiency attic insulation helps provide added thermal protection. What this means to you is less wasted energy along with enhanced comfort and quiet. Knowing there is one opportunity to optimize performance during construction, wouldn’t you agree it’s a great opportunity to meet or exceed future codes?