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High-Performance Pool Pump System =
High-Performance Pool Pump System

Alternate Terms

Advanced Pool Pump System
Technical Description: 

There are more than 5 million in-ground pools installed across America and over 150,000 new pools are built annually. A key component of these pools is the pool pump, which re-circulates water through a filter to maintain water clarity and hygiene. Many pool owners don't realize how much energy their pool pump may be wasting. Pool pump speeds vary based on the pool's operation. Conventional pool pumps with only one speed, are set to run at the higher speeds required of the pool cleaner and waste energy during filtration operation by running faster than necessary. An ENERGY STAR certified pool pump can run at different speeds and be programmed to match the pool operation with its appropriate pool pump speed. The energy saved is considerable; reducing pump speed by one-half allows the pump to use just one-eighth as much energy. ENERGY STAR certified pool pumps will save more than $1,000 over their lifetime, pay for themselves in less than 2 years, run quieter, and prolong the life of the pool's filtering system.

High-Performance Pool Pump System
Sales Message
High-performance pool pump systems used advantage technology pumps and professional installation practices to eliminate substantial wasted energy treating pool water. What this means to you is healthy swimming at substantially lower cost. Wouldn’t you agree, it’s important to take advantage of advanced technology?