High-Efficiency Integrated Equipment

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High-Efficiency Integrated Equipment = High-Efficiency Multi-Function Heating

Technical Description

Water heating systems can be configured to provide both hot water and space heating. Combined heating sources can include boilers, tankless water heaters, solar water heaters, and other systems. Multi-function heating systems sometimes deliver space heating through a hydronic under-floor system but can also be used with other hot water and air distribution systems. One of the benefits of multi-function heating systems is that they avoid the cost and space with a separate space heating system, such as a separate furnace and water heater.

High-Efficiency Multi-Function Heating
Sales Message

High-efficiency multifunction heating provides heating and cooling with a single high-efficiency system.  What this means to you is less wasted energy with a single advanced technology system. Wouldn’t you agree it’s important to take advantage of proven advanced technologies in new homes?