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High-Efficiency Bathroom Fans

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High-Efficiency Bathroom Fans = High-Efficiency Bath Fan

Technical Description

Bathroom exhaust fans remove moisture from the home to help keep relative humidity levels down. This is important for discouraging condensation and the growth of mold, mildew, and dust mites. Continuous or intermittently operating exhaust fans can also be part of a whole-house ventilation strategy. ENERGY STAR certified ventilation fans provide better efficiency and comfort with less noise, and in some cases, have controls for spot exhaust and continuous ventilation. They feature high-performance motors and improved blade design, providing more effective exhaust and longer life.

High-Efficiency Bath Fan
Sales Message

High-efficiency bath fans minimize the wasted energy exhausting air while being virtually silent. What this means to you is odors and humidity are efficiently removed without the noise. Isn’t it time homes used advanced technology components?