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Heat Pump Water Heater

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Heat Pump Water Heater = High-Efficiency Heat Pump Water Heater

Technical Description

According to the Energy Information Administration, water heaters can account for 19% to 32% of a homeowner's utility bill. One option to reduce the amount of energy needed for water heating is to install a heat pump water heater. Although they use electricity, they can be two to three times more energy efficient than conventional electric-resistance water heaters. Heat pump water heaters operate on the same principle as the whole-house air source heat pumps, which move heat with electric compressors and pumps. However, instead of heating and cooling homes, they move heat from the surrounding space into the water tank.

High-Efficiency Heat Pump Water Heater
Sales Message

High-efficiency heat pump water heaters minimize wasted energy producing hot water. What this means to you is all the hot water you want at lower cost. Isn’t it time homes used advanced technology components?