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Gas Storage Water Heater

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Gas Storage Water Heater = High-Efficiency Gas Water Heater

Technical Description

According to the Energy Information Administration, water heaters can account for 19% to 32% of a homeowner’s utility bill. One option to reduce the amount of energy needed for water heating is to install a high-efficiency natural gas or propane water heater. Building America recommends using a sealed-combustion, direct-vented system that draws its combustion air from outside and pushes exhaust flue gases outside. With a sealed combustion chamber and separate air intake, it is nearly impossible for these models to backdraft harmful flue gases back into the house. Alternately, a high-effficiency power-vented gas hot water heater can be used and it will also avoid backdrafting.

High-Efficiency Gas Water Heater
Sales Message

High-efficiency gas water heaters minimize wasted energy producing hot water. What this means to you is all the hot water you want at lower cost. Isn’t it time homes used advanced technology components?