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Foundation Wall Water/Damp-Proofing =
Foundation Wall Water Barrier

Alternate Terms

Dry-by-Design Foundation Wall
Foundation Floor Water Barrier Technology
Professionally-Installed Foundation Water Barrier
Technical Description: 

Porous foundation concrete products should be treated to avoid water seepage into the home. Builders treat below-grade walls with a damp-proof coating such as an asphalt emulsion.  A plastic drainage plane may be used instead of, or in addition to, the damp proof coating.  This surface coating may be joined by a layer of insulation. Rigid fiberglass allows water to drain through it but rigid foam polyurethane rated for soil contact is another option. Gravel also provides a good backfill for draining. Water should flow through the gravel toward the foundation footing where a perforated drain pipe will carry it away from the structure.

Foundation Wall Water Barrier
Sales Message
Foundation wall water barriers help drain water away from the below-grade walls. What this means to you is peace-of-mind knowing your home has a comprehensive set of measures that minimize the risk of water damage in your basement. Wouldn’t you agree every home should have full water protection?