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Building Science-to-Sales Translator

Foundation Capillary Break over Aggregate =
Foundation Floor Water Barrier

Alternate Terms

Dry-by-Design Foundation Floor
Foundation Floor Water Barrier Technology
Professionally Installed Slab Water Protection
Slab Water Barrier
Technical Description: 

Without a capillary break, moisture can wick-up through the pores of a concrete potentially leading to mold and the moisture-related issues.  A key to controlling moisture is to provide a capillary break including a moisture barrier and a four inch layer of gravel. The moisture barrier typically consists of a layer of 6 mil sheet plastic or taped rigid-foam insulation (rated for soil contact).  Plastic moisture barriers must also be included on the floors of crawlspaces.

Foundation Floor Water Barrier
Sales Message
Foundation floor water barriers help drain water away from under the slab. What this means to you is peace-of-mind knowing your home has a comprehensive set of measures that minimize the risk of water damage in your basement. Wouldn’t you agree every home should have full water protection?