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Efficient Hot Water Distribution =
On-Demand Hot Water

Alternate Terms

Water and Energy-Saving Hot Water Distribution
On-Demand Hot Water Technology
Technical Description: 

Some showers and fixtures run cold for a long time before the hot water finally arrives. And this adds up. For example, every 60 seconds of shower run-time amounts to about three gallons of wasted water down the drain. Homes can be designed with plumbing layouts that deliver hot water much more efficiently. DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home program requires that no more than 0.6 gallons of hot water be discharged from the fixture farthest from the water heater before hot water reaches the tap.

On-Demand Hot Water
Sales Message
On-demand hot water systems distribute water more efficiently with the added convenience of not waiting for hot water. What this means for you is the great feeling that comes from not wasting thousands of gallons of water needlessly each year while saving money on your monthly water and water heating bills. Wouldn’t you agree water is too important to waste?