Duct Leakage Test

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Duct Leakage Test = Comfort Delivery Test

Technical Description

Comfort systems often distribute heated and cooled air through ducts. If these ducts have leaky connections and holes, they can leak significant amounts of conditioned air. This results in energy loss, comfort problems, and potential moisture problems, especially when the ducts run through unconditioned spaces (e.g., vented attics and crawl spaces). Duct leakage is tested using a fan designed to pressurize the ducts along with special gauges for calibrating the rate of leakage. 

Comfort Delivery Test
Sales Message

Comfort delivery tests measure the leakage that occurs getting heating and cooling delivered throughout your home. What this means to you is an opportunity to identify problems contributing to unnecessarily high utility bills as well as comfort and health concerns. With homes representing the largest asset for most families, wouldn’t you agree it’s important to know how efficient they are and how to reduce the cost of ownership?