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Double-Wall Framing =
Double-Wall Thermal Blanket

Alternate Terms

Quiet Double-Wall Construction
Energy Saving Double-Wall
Advanced Double-Wall Technology
Technical Description: 

One way to achieve very high levels of insulation in walls is to build two walls, one inside the other, side by side. The inner wall provides framing for attaching gypsum board, the outer wall does the same for sheathing, rigid foam insulation, and siding. Two 2x4 framed walls, spaced five inches apart will provide a wall cavity over 11 inches deep. The spacing and the blown-in insulation keep the studs in one wall from touching the studs in the other wall, which is very effectvie to keep heat from transferring through the wall. This double-wall thermal blanket creates a quiet, efficient, and comfortable home. 

Double-Wall Thermal Blanket
Sales Message
Double-Wall Thermal Blanket construction blocks excessive heat loss and gain though structural framing while providing much more insulation. What this means to you is less wasted energy along with enhanced comfort and quiet. Knowing there is one opportunity during construction to lock in quality construction, wouldn’t you agree advanced thermal protection is a great investment?